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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

slowly slowly, the grad student gets organized....

Welcome to what will hopefully be an entertaining series of musing about monkeys, mountains, life in Africa, and my Ph.D research in general! Over the coming year, I will do my best to regale you with my experiences living and working in the Ethiopian Highlands.
                                                                           ahhhh, the life of a gelada....

I am going to be updating this blog from the field through emails to my lovely mommy in California (assuming she is willing to be the updater while I am gone....). We have a satellite modem at the field site, so we are able to send and receive emails to/from a select few people once a day. We get charged by the size of the emails that pass through our modem, so it's a plaintext-only, no attachments sort of deal....which means this blog will lack up-to-date pictures, unfortunately. Sorry!! I will do my best to add pictures when I am in towns with real internet, and hopefully Mom will add in some pictures from last field season so you have something to look at besides text! You can always check out the pictures on the main project website for a general look at what we are up to, or my photo albums from last summer.

                                                               .....and ahhhhh, the life of a gelada researcher!

So, what's new? This week, I've started getting my act together to move to Ethiopia for 8 months - ordering supplies, making lists, arranging visas, seriously looking into plane tickets, making this's very exciting! and not at all stressful, as my departure date is still 2.5 months away (plus I love planning things). The pieces are finally falling into place - all my hormone analysis supplies are on their way to Princeton from various warehouses around the country, I've got a good Sam's Club shopping list started, I've ordered 8 months worth of daily disposable contact lenses, I've told my landlady that I'm moving out in August, and I've even found a place to buy a second footlocker to bring everything over to Ethiopia in! Kes buh kes, slowly slowly....


  1. Hey BlueSky, so glad that I'll be able to hear about your continuously fascinating life. Baby monkeys are pretty much my favourite animal, so if you ever end up with a spare one I'll pay the shipping fees to NZ. I wish you good luck and safety over there. If you have a postal address let me know.


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