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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

almost there!!

I'm writing this from the Wellcome Library in London, halfway to Addis from the USA! I left Newark last night and arrived in London this morning. After leaving my luggage at the airport and navigating the Underground, I made my way over here to check out some free museums that my Aunt Marie had recommended. Very fun afternoon - I went to an exhibit about human perceptions of dirt, disease, waste and sewage over several centuries, saw some creepy old medical instruments, perused the UCL Egyptology Museum and went to my current favorite zoology museum (also at UCL). The Egyptology and Zoology museums were these funny tucked-away little things, packed floor-to-ceiling with skulls and bones and tablets and mummies. Very cool. And so nice to be out walking around after the plane ride over!

My next flight leaves in about 6 hours - London to Addis! Looking forward to finally being on the ground and getting my hands dirty....